Monday, January 18, 2021
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There are practices throughout the country that boast orange shag carpet, typewriters and outdated copies of National Geographic.  Most of them offer services appropriate for that era.  As time goes on, styles improve as does dental technology.  What this means for patients is that dental care is more conservative, more durable, more esthetic and delivered in a more efficient manner.

 Our office uses a combination of technology and education to provide some of the most modern dentistry in the region.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide most dental care in our office that many other dentists must refer to specialists.  (The cases that require specialty care will recieve an appropriate referral.)  We take the time to evaluate each new technology and technique before offering it to our patients.  What seems like a good idea today must be proven to be just that before we will implement it.


            A broad range of dental services are offered in our office to enhance and maintain your smile:

             *Cleanings and Exams

             *Esthetic Resin and Porcelain Restoration

                 *Cosmetic Dentistry ( Veneers and Bleaching )

              *Crowns and Bridges


               *Root Canal Therapy

                *Soft Tissue Periodontal Therapy (Advanced Treatment of the Gums)

                 *Orthodontic Therapy

                 *Construction of sleep apnea devices

                 *Occlusal splints for TMD syndrome

                 *Dentistry Under Outpatient General Anesthesia at Village Surgi-Center

                  *And many other services are offered


Hi-Tech Dental Care

Our office is equipped with some of the most technologically advanced dental equipment available. We strive to provide dentistry in the most efficient manner possible. This means being able to treat disease in its earliest stages before extensive tooth destruction has occurred, minimizing your time in the dental chair, and minimizing the number of visits required to get you back to optimal dental health. The following is a listing of technology we use in your dental care accompanied by a brief description of its use. To Learn more about any particular item just click on its name.

  • Cerec  - All Porcelain Crowns, Onlays and Veneers - Done in one appointment!
  • Diagnodent - Laser detection of cavities
  • ScanX - Digital x-rays (70% less radiation than traditional radiographs)
  • Intra-oral Photography - Allows you to see problems we see
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation - Takes the stress out of dental procedures
  • Dentrix - Comprehensive office computer management system that allows us to submit insurance claims electronically, maintain your patient file, and make the business end of dentistry as efficient as possible!
  • Loupes - Those funny looking glasses that allow the doctor to see fine details in your mouth.  This aids you in receiving the best possible diagnostic and restorative dental care possible.


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